Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Library Day - 3/19/2010

Today's catch:

Empire in Black and Gold - Adrian Tchaikovsky
This is the first book of the Shadows of the Apt series. The cover features angry warrior types engaged in mass combat. They are wearing armor, wielding bows and swords and magic, and have wasp wings on their backs. I've started this one, and it seems to have some potential.

Lord of Silence - Mark Chadbourn
This author was recommended by John Scalzi, beyond that I know almost nothing. It's fantasy, and it's large.

The Innocent Mage - Karen Miller
This is the first book of Kingmaker, Kingbreaker, which looks to be a two book series, which is nice for a change. It has compelling cover art.

Aunt Dimity's Death - Nancy Atherton
This is the first of a lengthy series of mystery (?) novels. I've been looking for the first book for some time now. Now I can start hunting for the second book... The library seems to have the series from book 3 on.

Dark of the Moon - John Sandford
I really like John Sandford's police procedurals. Also, his caper novels. This is one of the first type - a spin off of his "Prey" books featuring Virgil "that fuckin'" Flowers solving hard to solve crimes in and around the Twin Cities. Of the list this week, this one is probably the lightest, in terms of intellectual content. But I could be wrong.

Conquistador - S.M. Stirling
I really like S.M. Stirling's alternative history stuff. This is a stand-alone; returning WWII vets discover a portal to a North America that Columbus did not discover. We'll see how Stirling handles it.

That's what I've got for the week - no non-fiction, mostly genre stuff. I think that's fairly typical, but one of the objects of this experiment is to accurately track what I've been reading, so we'll see.