Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obligatory Welcome Post

Here's the goal for this blog. On Friday, I will post a review of whatever I've been reading over the course of the week. If (as is often the case) I've been reading more than one thing, I'll post a longer review of one or two of the books I've been reading, and a short thumbnail of the rest. On Mondays, because Monday is library day, I will post a list of what I've dragged home in my net for the week.

So, it's a book review blog. *yawn* What I want to do which is maybe a little different is I'd like to encourage you, my readers, to send me books (or recommend books to me) to review. I'll at least look at anything that gets sent to me, and report what I've received that week.

So, there it is, the humble goals of this blog by a guy who reads books.