Tuesday, May 25, 2010

library Monday post on a Tuesday, 5/25/10

Just a small list this time out, because I picked up books on Thursday last.

Robert Harris - Imperium - a novel about ancient Rome. It's a courtroom drama. And it's in ancient Rome. I have no particular connection to ancient Rome, but nor am I completely unaware of it, so, why not?

Cory Doctorow - For The Win - This is Doctorow's latest. I really liked Little Brother, which showed the very broad possibilities of the YA tag - this promises to be similar. I'm not really sure what to say about it - it's about teens and late pre-teens organizing online in online games to challenge the status quo offline. Doctorow has some interesting ideas, some of which are scary (because I'm over 30), and some of which are refreshing (because I'm not particularly committed to the status quo), and many of which are both.

Albert Castel - The Presidency of Andrew Johnson - I've decided to do a reading of presidential biographies, post Civil War - to fill in some gaps, to enhance some non-gaps, and to keep my hand in over the summer. This is the obvious place to start.