Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Library Post, 6/14/2010

Holly Black - White Cat

Another from the Big Idea project that John Scalzi hosts. Black has an interesting idea about a world where magic works, and the first chapter looks fantastic. Magic, organic world building, and a caper novel - heaven.

Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due - From Capetown With Love

This is the 3rd of the Blair Underwood presents: Tennyson Hardwick series. Barnes and Due (a husband and wife writing team) are writing a series of books about a hardnosed gigolo turned private eye. The action is solid, the sex is very steamy, and the protagonist is black, which is actually the point.

Amal El-Motar - The Honey Month

I'm very excited about this one - I know Amal, and this is her first book, a series of fiction meditations about honey. It came from a literary experiment last February. I'm looking forward to reading this a great deal.