Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Library Post - Beach Reading Edition - 6/7/10

We're going to the beach on Wednesday, and won't be back until Saturday, which will delay the Friday review post. There's a word for folks who bring their laptops to the beach - I don't know what that word is, because I've never brought my laptop to the beach. Anyway, I doubt I'd have internet access anyway. However, in preparation for being on the beach (and, by beach here, I mean a real, washed by the Atlantic Ocean, beach, not a beach on a lake someplace.), I have stocked up on paperback books to bring with me. I'll only review the ones I actually end up reading, so I won't offer a list here - the only acquisition from the library that I'll own up to this week is David Liss - The Devil's Company. Liss specializes in historic mystery/adventure fiction, and he's exceedingly good at it - well researched books about 18th century Europe. This is the 3rd of the Benjamin Weaver books (unless you include The Coffee Trader, in which case, this is the 4th. For the record, I don't include it - it's tangential at best). I probably won't take this one with me to the beach, though.

I'm tempted, actually, to take the Guy Gavriel Kay with me - Under Heaven - it's hefty, and it's likely to be engaging. The advantage to the paperbacks, though, is that they are easily discarded if they bore me, or if there's something better to do. The Kay is likely to pull me in, preventing me from doing other beach-y things.