Wednesday, September 22, 2010

blog? I have a blog? What? (very late Monday library post for Sept. 20)

Beth Fertig - Why Can't U Teach Me 2 Read?

So, I'd seen this before, and pondered it - it's a story about a teacher teaching three kids with learning disabilities to read. They sued New York City to ensure that they were taught how to read. Apparently, it's about the problems with all of the possible ways of teaching students to read - what is the best way? Anyway, I rejected it the last time I saw it, but the topic of "the right way" to teach came up somewhere recently, so when I saw this again, I grabbed it.

I'm also waiting on a pair of other books, which will hopefully arrive before the end of the week. And I'm almost finished the Phyllis Schlafly book, which is more interesting than I expected. (and also useful re: dissertation.)