Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday Library Post, only 1 day late! 10/19/2010

We did go to the library yesterday, and I did look at some books, but mostly didn't bring any home. I have a small stack of books already, I'm STILL working on There Is Power in a Union, and all of the books that look appealing yesterday seemed pretty complex in terms of plot. I want something simple. In fact, I've got some simple stuff just waiting for me to finish up with Labor in America. So I didn't borrow anything for myself yesterday. But my wife came and met us at the library, and she grabbed Gregory Frost's -  Fitcher's Brides, which is part of the "Fairy Tale" series, which I'm quite fond of (I own most of the series, as far as I'm aware), and so I'll probably read that when I get the chance.