Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Library Post 11/29/2010

Normally, I take the Kid Who Reads with me to the library, but today she stayed home with my wife (who reads), and I had the rare pleasure of a solo trip to the library. Thus, no fussing as I wandered by the new book rack (initially, there was nothing of interest on it - very sparse!) or browsed lingeringly through the stacks.

Three books today:

S.M. Stirling - The Protector's War
This is the second novel of The Change - I'm re-reading.

Bill Bryson - At Home
After grabbing the Stirling, I returned to the new book rack - and I'm glad I did, because I found this. I adore Bryson, his dry wit, and his sometimes unusual way of looking at things. This is a history of the world without leaving home - Bryson looks at the history of things one might find in a home. I really looking forward to this; might read it out of order, even.

R.J. Pineiro -
I went looking for an Elfquest  graphic novel by the Pinis for the Kid Who Reads (didn't find it. And, decided that she's not quite ready for Elfquest anyway. Maybe in a couple of years.) and found this instead. It's old (and so the "ripped from the headlines" style might not work), but I wrote my master's thesis on conspiracy theories, so I thought I'd take a look at this.