Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Library Post, 4/18/2011

Two books today, one of which I will read this week, and the other of which will probably have to wait - both because my stack of books is becoming unwieldy and because my wife will almost certainly get it first.

Rowan Jacobsen - American Terroir

This is the food book for the week - it's about regional production of foods in North America, and how to best experience the difference between different regions. I took a quick look at the introduction, and it has some of the same sort of chiding tone that Pollan does, and also a fair bit of humor and fun. So, that's my food book for the week, I'll start it tomorrow when I finish what I'm reading right now.

Elizabeth Moon - The Kings of the North

My wife gets this one first, and I get it second. This is the sequel to Oath of Fealty, which I reviewed last year. In light of the whole Park 51 thing and Moon getting removed as GOH from Wiscon, I'm a little tentative going into this - I'm going to be looking for subtext, and hoping that I don't find it.