Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hickey of the Beast Wednesday, 6/29/2011

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Two chapters today, because I missed last week. This week we have Chapters 15 and 16.

Chapter 15 is the big Red and White dance. Connie explains about the social cycle of the school year thusly:

The Red and White is different. Like I said, it's one of three real dress-up-and-ask-someone dances we have at Springden. The others are the Snow Ball, which is the dumbest name ever but better than It's February in New England, So Let's Pretend We Don't All Want to Kill Ourselves, which would be the truth ...
The chapter focuses entirely on the dance. Connie dances with her date, and it's all nice. There is a disappointment for Connie:

The upperclassmen usually sneak off and hook up somewhere, and so do the more popular sophomores and even a couple freshmen. 
Jenny and Autumn and I? Not that cool. Or maybe our dates just weren't cool enough to ask us, or didn't know how. (Not that I'd know how. Maybe you get a course in it sometime sophomore year.)
Based on what I remember, that sounds pretty much like high school, yeah.  God, I'm glad that's over. I don't recall a course on interacting with the desired gender in sophomore year, though - that might have been useful. Anyway, the dance is lovely, Connie has a good time, and then she goes home and, of course, she dreams.

Chapter 16

It's the dream again. But, after Chapter 14, readers are probably expecting things to go a little differently. And they do, of course, off in a direction I had not anticipated. Which is probably a good thing - if the book were predictable, it wouldn't be as worth reading, right? Anyway, we go into Chapter 17 with none other than Jenny in peril...