Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hickey of the Beast Wednesday, 8/10/2011

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Chapter 22

In this chapter, Connie does some research. Her scoobies are all away, so she has to do it herself. She turns up some interesting stuff:

Good old Isaiah had been something called a "Swedenborgian," which the book basically said meant believing God wasn't three separate people, that you got into Heaven through doing good works instead of just believing in God, and that everyone could get into Heaven as long as they lived a good life, even if they weren't Christian. Like I said, crazy's pretty relative.
Swedenborgian? Seriously? Izzy, you rock!

Isaiah had talked about how the glory of God was to be found in the beauty of Nature, and how boys who had someplace to live an active outdoor life would grow up into worthy citizens of this new Republic. He'd probably been spinning in his grave for at least fifty years by now—though I'm sure a lot of people who went out to the forest called on God, and maybe some of them even saw him. Especially in the Seventies.

So. The upshot - someone is clearly summoning an incubus, it probably has something to do with Isaiah's gardens, especially next to the chapel, and Connie has not actually learned anything about stopping incubi yet. For all that the chapter lacked action, I think I liked it better than the past three - perhaps there's just a better level of snark here, which I appreciate. Perhaps I'm just a sucker for obscure colonial Christian sects.