Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hickey of the Beast Wednesday, 8/17/2011

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Chapter 23

Plot plot plot...

Connie figures out that her younger brother, Julio, is having the same dreams she is, more or less (which, I think, we all figured out several chapters ago, but we have the excuse of not being recently awakened from scary dreams ourselves, so...). The images are geared down to his level, and he isn't seeing real people, but he registers a cloud which is eating people. Connie calms him down:

 Police are there to make sure nothing bad happens to people. And being eaten is bad, right?" He nodded. "So there you go. Nobody's getting eaten. That cloud's just your mind showing you a scary movie. That's all." I stroked his hair, and held up the other hand Boy Scout style. "I promise, if anything's out there trying to eat people, someone will make it stop."
That part was, well, more or less true. I would've felt a lot better if "someone" hadn't been me, though.
Isn't that the point, though? I mean, isn't that what growing up is all about - the idea that, eventually, the "someone" who has to do something - wash the dishes, scrub the floor, take out the trash, kill the incubus - that "someone" is just as likely to be you as it is anyone else? Being grown up means killing your own incubi.

Also note that Connie's history teacher is, btw, a lesbian in a committed relationship with kids. Izzy slips that in as a total aside, because she's cool like that.