Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hickey of the Beast Wednesday, 8/24/2011


Chapter 24

Hmmm. Well, the girls are all back together again, and discussing what Connie learned over Thanksgiving. They come to the conclusion that kids can dream of the incubus because they are more likely to scrape themselves on the ground, and thus more likely to bleed on the ground, which connects them to things. Or something of that nature. This raises some questions:

Does this guy have the same connection to the land that Connie does? Does sacrificing an animal give you a weird version of the connection or something else? Why didn't Connie get an incubus?"
"Because I didn't want one—"
"Well, now I'm going to have to return your Christmas present," Jenny said.
They try to warn the current victim - but she's already in the hospital - the incubus is taking more out of the victims, more quickly. With some further discussion, the girls decide that the summoner must be a guy.Having deduced that, they figure he must be getting something from the incubus. Based on Connie's impression of him from her dreams, he's probably an upperclassman - so they decide to look for upperclassmen who were losers last year but have suddenly blossomed this year. And they conclude that the summoner must be Edward Tinsley. I knew we couldn't trust anyone named Edward.* But, as a reader, I'm thinking this is only Chapter 24 of a 33 chapter book, so maybe this is a red herring. Maybe it's too obvious. We shall have to see.

*Yes, that's a Twilight reference. No, I haven't read it.