Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hickey of the Beast Wednesday, 8/31/2011

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Chapter 25

The girls decide that all of the evidence pointing to Edward is highly circumstantial. Plus:

Besides, a guy named Edward being some sort of energy vampire? How cliché could you get?

So Connie decides that she has to break into Edward's bedroom and see if there's anything solid there; and possibly some way of stopping him if he is summoning demons from his dorm room. Most of the chapter is sort of cloak and dagger stuff as Connie gets a cover for her being in Edward's dorm building, and then the skeleton key her parents have so that they can get into dorm rooms in case of an emergency. It's all very nail-bitey, and exceedingly well written. But it's also only chapter 25 - we need further complications! So, maybe Connie's mom has caught Connie in the act...