Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hickey of the Beast Wednesday, 9/72011

Worry not, readers who read, I have survived my trip to Tennessee, and have returned to make my usual Wednesday post!

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Chapter 26

A very quick chapter this time - lots of action. Chapter 25 ended on a cliff hanger, but Connie manages to evade her mother and get into Edward's room. In a TV show, I think the search of Edward's room would have been in real time - about 20 mins (assuming a 1 hour show). Here, it's just a couple of pages. Connie's friend, who gets her into Edward's dorm, suggests that Edward has spent a lot of time sneaking out all semester. He also suggests that Edward is a "douche". There is some additional circumstantial evidence in Edward's room - but no pentagram, or grimoire, or anything which might specifically point to Edward being the summoner. Nor, however, is there anything which would clear Edward of suspicion - very cagey. I'm still expecting some sort of twist ending. Maybe Edward IS summoning the incubus, but while he's asleep, and only by accident...

At any rate, I am a little surprised that this chapter didn't end a paragraph sooner, which would have been another cliffhanger. Instead, Connie succeeds in escaping Edward's room. Again, in a TV show, there would have been at least a commercial break there, to heighten tension. Tension is already pretty high, but it could have been cranked up another notch here.