Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Library Post, 2/27/2011

What, you thought I wouldn't go to the library because I've been getting books for Christmas? How silly! The library expects me to return books on a regular basis, which provides the impetus to check more books out - it's a brilliant business model, frankly.

Two books today:

Barry Eisler - The Detachment

Eisler writes the John Rain books. Rain is an Asian-American assassin who lives (at least part time) in Tokyo. He specializes in killings that look like accidents or natural causes. He's been trying to retire for 5 books now. This is seventh book in the series (I'm pretty sure I've read all of them). Rain is a highly likable character, clearly in conflict with himself over what he does for a living. Eisler is the sort of author who meticulously researches things for his books, which is also nice.

Chris Moriarty - The Inquisitor's Apprentice

Sacha Kessler is a Jewish kid in early 20th Century New York City. He discovers that he can see witches, and is hired/forced into service by the Inquisitor of the NY Police Department to hunt down witches. And, ultimately, to protect Thomas Edison. This is YA, it looks like fun, Cory Doctorow blurbed it, so I'm looking forward to it.

My wife went back to work today, which means that the book of Christmas will come after dinner. You'll just have to wait, just like me.