Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Library Post, 6/12/2011

Two books this week.

Devon Monk - Dead Iron

I gather that Devon Monk is a rising star in the Urban Fantasy genre. This book isn't UF, though, it's steampunk and wild/weird west. And it's got a werewolf in it.

Neal Stephenson - Reamde

I like Stephenson. This is another of his bricks of a doorstop books. The plot revolves around a massively multiplayer roleplaying game, and some hackers who are trying to hold players' characters for ransom and, apparently this has real world repercussions and etc etc.

I like Stephenson, but I'm a little wary of this book, because too many writers really don't get MMOs; turning them into fantastic virtual realities, and having characters act within the game as they would outside of the game. Mr. Doctorow, Mr. Stross, I'm looking at you... The premises they spin, regarding virtual economies and etc, are neat - but not, yet, viable, and suggest that the authors haven't actually played an MMO. So, I don't know - I guess I hope Mr. Stephenson has done his research here.