Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Library Post, 12/21/2011

Three books yesterday:

Kirsten ImaniKasi - Ice Song

I swear I've read this - Sorykah Minuit is an engineer on an ice-drilling submarine. She is also a Trader - she can switch genders suddenly. When a madman kidnaps her twin infants, she has to go and rescue them. Anyway, there's a sequel, and though I swear I read this book, I can't actually remember anything about it (except the synopsis sounds awfully familiar), so I'm going to read it. Possibly again.

Helen Oyeyemi - Mr. Fox

A fairytale, perhaps. Mr. Fox writes novels, but keeps killing off his female leads. His muse, Mary, becomes real and drags Mr. Fox into his stories. Looks think-y.

Samuel Holt - One of Us is Wrong

In discussing Donald Westlake novels last week (not here, elsewhere), I discovered that Westlake had written four novels as Samuel Holt, about a semi-employed actor (named Sam Holt) solving mysteries. This is the first.