Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Library Post, 1/23/2012

Yay, Library Day returns to Monday, where it rightfully belongs! I'm firmly convinced that there is a better selection of books at the library on Mondays than on Tuesdays. Because they are re-shelving all the stuff that got dropped off between 5pm Saturday and whenever they open Monday morning, and fewer people have had a chance to get the good stuff than on Tuesday. It's probably academic, since I don't go until the afternoon, but , you know, it feels true.

Two books this week:

Art Spiegelman - MetaMaus

Spiegelman set the graphic novel world on its ear when he published Maus, a cartoon biography of his parents' story of surviving the Holocaust, using mice as protagonists rather than people. This is the two volumes of Maus, with editorial commentary and thoughts about why he wrote the original books, and why he used mice and etc. It's all very exciting.

George R.R. Martin - A Dance With Dragons

This is the most recent of Martin's Song of Fire and Ice; the second half of A Feast for Crows. I've been working up to it, it was there today (because it's Monday!) so I grabbed it.