Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Library Tuesday, 2/14/2012

This week, I'm reading Dance With Dragons, which will probably take me all week, because it's massive. Then plan, at present, is to start moving things into the new apartment this weekend, and have completed the move by the end of the month, so there may be a gap coming up; I'll let you know. Today is, of course, Valentine's Day, or Lupercalia if you prefer. That means that tomorrow is the best time all year to buy chocolates...

Two books from the library yesterday:

A. Lee Martinez - Chasing the Moon

Diana moves into a new apartment only to discover that it is already inhabited by Vom the Hungering - a monster who will, probably, eat her. But he'll feel bad about it afterwards. Vom and Diana discover that there are bigger monsters intent on eating the Moon and Earth, and set out to prevent that, with lots of stops for snacks along the way. This could be quirky good times, like Christopher Moore or Tom Holt. It could also be a shambles with no real ending. Like Christopher Moore, or Tom Holt... Comedy is hard!

Myke Cole - Shadow Ops: Control Point

What would the US military do with a sorcerer? Come up with a bunch of regulations about the use of sorcery, probably. At least, that's Cole's view. Cole did a Big Idea about this book last week, and it sounded tasty, so I grabbed it.