Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ummmm. Tuesday Library Post, 2/07

Right. I went to the library yesterday, and then out to dinner at a friend's house, and then it was kinda late, and I watched tv instead of writing a post. (I'm watching White Collar, which is a delightful cross of caper and police procedural, and I'm 3 seasons into How I Met Your Mother, which is just quirky, and full of running gags, which, as you know, I lurve unreservedly. I love my Netflix instant queue, and I double love my Roku...)

Three books this week:

Kevin Hearne - Hounded

Hearne has written written a trilogy about the last druid, an immortal shapeshifter living in Arizona, running an occult bookstore. I seem to recall he did a Big Idea about the series over at Scalzi's Whatever - I believe, if I remember correctly, that the big idea is "An immortal Irish Druid would be kick ass!" Clearly, Hearne takes himself very very seriously. I'm hoping for quirky.

Adam Selzer - Extraordinary*
*the true story of my fairy godparent, who almost killed me, and certainly never made me a princess

So, as you know, I have a personal interest in books about fairy godparents, since I'm sorta writing a book about a fairy godparent. Thus, I must read this, to check out my competition. I think the title tells everything you need to know, except it looks like an interesting mix of unreliable narrator and counter-narrator. I'm hoping for running gags.

Ally Carter - Uncommon Criminals

The sequel to Heist Society - finally back in the library! Yay! Either they bought a new copy, or, hopefully, the person who walked off with it brought it back. Anyway, caper novel, yay!

Hmmm. No police procedural. Oh well.