Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Library Wednesday? 4/25/2012

Ok. I missed Friday. I missed Monday. Now it's Wednesday. Here's what I'm going to do. Instead of posting a great big post of library retrieval stories and left over reviews, I'm just going to do the library bit. Then, on Friday, I'll do a big review post (promise!), so that I'm back on track. Otherwise, I'll make a big review post, and on Friday I'll have nothing to review, because I'm not going to finish a book between now and Friday, and then I'll skip Friday, and suddenly it will be Wednesday again, and I'll be doing this again. So.

On Monday, I did go to the library. I did find two books.

Gary Younge - Who Are We? - And Should it Matter in the 21st Century?

Every picture of a man in a hat is "Daddy", apparently
To be honest, the baby helped me pick this one - she liked the cover. It's got little people on it. Some of them are wearing hats. So I grabbed it. I should really write something about judging books by their covers, shouldn't I?

Andrew Lane - The Rebel Fire (Sherlock Holmes, the Adventure Begins)

This is the second of the "Sherlock Holmes as young teenager" series, authorized by the Doyle family. The first one was not bad, so I didn't hesitate too long before grabbing this second one.