Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Library Tuesday Post, on Wednesday, 5/16/2012

We did go to the library yesterday, and then to my departmental "picnic" (Is it a picnic when all of the eating is done indoors at tables? I think not. It's the end of the year dinner type thing, and one of the rare occasions when I actually see much of the department.), and then home to collapse.

I went long on YA this week, because there wasn't anything I wanted to read on the New Shelf:

Ally Carter - I'd Tell you I Love you, But then I'd Have to Kill You

Carter writes the teen caper novels I've reviewed previously. This is her first book, from before the capers. It's also the first book of the Gallagher Girls series - a series about a boarding school which trains young female spies. James Bond meets cherry lip gloss and school uniforms. And is a girl, naturally.

Scott Westerfeld - Goliath 

Third of the Leviathan books, Westerfeld's steampunk WWI alt hist. I'm not sure how I missed this when it was brand new, but I'm loving the series.

Jana Oliver - Soul Thief

Sequel to The Demon Trapper's Daughter, a post-apocalyptic series in which the protagonist is a young demon trapper. I liked the first one, but it ended weakly. This one is marked as "a Demon Trapper novel", which could be bad - I like a nice solid trilogy, but "an [x] novel" suggests, perhaps, a protracted series. We shall see.

Robert Jeschonek - My Favorite Band Does Not Exist

And a book which is not a sequel or otherwise featuring an author we've seen before. Idea Deity is convinced that he's a character in a novel, and that the author is going to kill him. Reacher Mirage is the lead singer for Youforia, Deity's favorite band. This book has potential, but self-aware characters can be highly problematic, it really depends on how the author wants to play the concept.

Anyway. My semester is done, so summer has begun. Perhaps that will help me stay on schedule?