Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Library Post: 6/12/2012

Three books this week:

A.J. Kazinski - The Last Good Man

Someone is murdering the 36 Righteous People, who, according to Jewish legend, keep G-d from destroying the world. This is a fascinating piece of Jewish legend that I've encountered before, but not as a murder mystery/police procedural. Could be very good!

Janice Cantore - Accused

More police procedural, and, possibly, romance? Cantore is a former police officer, using her experience to write novels - that can result in good books full of a high level of realism, or it can result in crappy books full of jargon - we shall see.

Ally Carter - Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

More boarding school spy fiction! I heart Ally Carter. Umm, in a purely platonic way, as a reader for an author.