Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Library Post, 7/17/2012

Friends, it is hot. It is miserably hot. Ok, I'm whining, I know it's hotter further south, but I moved north specifically to escape the hot, and clearly I didn't go far enough. But, you know who has free air conditioning? Libraries. Which is awesome. And, since Kid 1 is enrolled in three separate reading programs, we get to visit three libraries as week. Where there is air conditioning. Ahhhhh. Maybe, Thursday, we will go to a bookstore or something like that. Or swimming. Perhaps swimming. We shall see.

Anyway, three books this week:

Andrew Blum - Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet

Blum travels to the places around the world where the physical components that make up the internet exist. This could be interesting, it could be dreadfully dull - we'll find out!

John Scalzi - Redshirts

This is trending hot right now, Scalzi has just finished a book promo tour, including a spot on National Public Radio. His premise - what if we told a Star Trek-esque story entirely from the point of view of those hapless redshirts who we all know will die before the end of the episode? And, what if they KNEW they were redshirts? And, what if the fate of the universe hinged on the redshirts being the heroes? I'm really looking forward to this one.

Brandon Sanderson - Mistborn

This has been recommended to me several times, and it probably reflects a serious gap in my genre knowledge. The sequels looks delightfully steampunk, so I hunted down the first one. It looks hefty, but that's never stopped me before.