Saturday, August 11, 2012

A contest!

Ok. Contest! I need a copy of Dave Duncan's The Coming of Wisdom and The Destiny of the Sword. I have a signed copy of Moravi and a copy of The Hunt on CD. This suggests swapsies to me - one book for one book, or two books for both. But, rules:

1) You can't buy the Duncan from Amazon or ABE; you've got to find it in a physical store somewhere. Honor system, but if you want to include a photo of you buying the book(s), that's fine too.

2) You can't spend more than $5 on either book, and no more than $10 on both.

3) You may send me either or both books; the first person to send me either book gets to pick which book I send them in return.

4) No time limit - the contest is open until I have both books.