Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Belated Monday Library Post - 5/4/10

Small collection of books today, but exciting!

Jane Yolen - Foiled Not sure if this counts as a graphic novel - possibly a graphic novella. It is, at any rate, not very long. Despite that, it is quite good - a short fantasy story about a fencer. The art is by Mike Cavallaro, and there is every indication that there will be a sequel. I actually polished this off at the library while watching the kid play.

Jason Kerstein - The Art of Making Money: The Story of a Master Counterfeiter  I am fascinated by caper novels and stories of criminals, especially con men. This looks to scratch that particular itch - it's about the real life counterfeiter who reproduced the 1996 US $100 bill (which was designed to be impossible to copy.)

Adrian Tchaikovsky - Dragonfly Falling Second book in "Shadows of the Apt." This was a surprise, it had arrived at the library (per my request), but I had not yet received the e-mail alerting me to this, so the librarian was able to surprise me with it. I'm saving this for later.

Elizabeth Moon - Oath of Fealty Elizabeth Moon returns (finally!) to the Paksenarrion world. I'm VERY excited about this, for reasons I'll get into when I review it. I certainly hope it lives up to my expectations, but I have very little reason to suspect that it won't - Moon is very good at what she does.

That's it! This Friday, a review of Conquistador, which I finished, finally, on Saturday (it was a LONG weekend), and maybe, just maybe, Holy Warriors. We shall see.