Friday, May 7, 2010

A word about libraries

Perhaps there is a cognitive dissonance between borrowing the books I review from the library while including links to Amazon, as I do. Perhaps I should stress this point - if one of my reviews makes you want to read the book, and you can find it at your local library, or within a broader network of libraries, or through interlibrary loan, perhaps, I strongly advocate that you do so. Libraries are amazing. Amazon, however, is much quicker. And I can't link to library listings as easily. Oh, and libraries won't pay me if you borrow a book I recommend from them, but Amazon will give me some fraction of a cent for any book you buy from them if recommended by me. And if you buy the book, the author gets paid, but if you borrow the book - well, the author got paid for the book from the library, and I don't think there are any authors who are actively opposed to libraries, but you know, no royalties from you for that book.

So, to re-cap:
1) not advocating that you spend money on books
2) firmly stating that libraries are awesome
3) happy to get money from Amazon, should that happen.