Thursday, May 20, 2010

Library Monday on Thursday 5/20/2010

Hauled into my library net today:

Ian Tegillis - Bitter Seeds
An alternate history of World War Two exploring the narrative difficulty of precognition in characters. Its got magic, its got Nazis, it looks good, but also depressing.

Guy Gavriel Kay - Under Heaven
Kay is one of my favorite authors. Here, he takes on ancient China in his usual style - highly researched, and then twisted just a little. I'll need to clear a week to read this, at least. Very much looking forward to this one.

Nicholas Thompson - The Hawk and the Dove
Cold War history about Paul Nitze and George Kennan. Professionally interesting, we'll see how well I enjoy it.

Keiji Nakazawa - Barefoot Gen, Vol. 1
A Manga (although printed western style, or else I would not have picked it up) about Hiroshima, part of a lengthy (2000 pages) series on Hiroshima. Not light and fluffy.

The first two came from Scalzi's Big Idea series.