Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not quite a library post

Back from a short vacation in Virginia. We visited the Green Valley Book Fair, and picked up a stack of books. So, in lieu of a library post, here's a book fair post. There may be some sporadic library posting throughout the week as books I've ordered arrive.

H.V. Nelles - A Little History Of Canada Ok, I picked up a couple of books on Canada and Canadian history (and rejected another on the grounds that it was a text book). I AM Canadian, but I don't very much of the history of my nation. This book is well named - it is quite small - and it can't hurt as a place to start filling in the horrific gaps in my knowledge of my own nation. The further problem is that I am an American historian, currently living in the US...

David A. Bell - The First Total War One of the things I study as as historian is total war theory. Bell argues that the roots of total war are in the Napoleonic wars, which is a different periodization. I've considered this book before, but this time I picked it up. We'll see how he handles the topic.

Greg Behrman - The Most Noble Adventure This is a book on the Marshall Plan. I don't know if it shows, I picked up a bunch of history books this trip.

S.E. Schlosser - Spooky Canada Canadian ghost stories, regional.

Glenn Feldman - Before Brown a collection of essays about the Civil Rights movement before Brown v. Board of Education. I'm planning to teach a section on a re-periodization of the Civil Rights movement in the Fall, so perhaps some of these essays will be useful there.

Thomas E. Sniegoski - Dancing on the Head of a Pin This is the sequel to A Kiss Before the Apocalypse, which is a hard boiled detective novel with a semi-fallen angel as the protagonist. I recall that Kiss was better than it sounded, so I'm going to see if the sequel is equally not bad. This was the only fiction I picked up at the fair this trip.

Since these books don't have to go back to a library, it may take sometime before I actually get to review them. Still, watch for reviews in the next month or so.

This Friday, anticipate a review of some Elizabeth Moon novels.