Monday, May 23, 2011

Library Monday, 5/23/2011

No books from the library today. Not even the copy of Jane Eyre my wife specifically requested. (I offered to find her an electronic copy for the laptop. She demurred.) But, on Saturday we all trouped off to Ithaca, where my wife watched the newest film version of Jane Eyre (which sounds delightful in its costuming, and dreadful in its subject matter. Ugh, the Brontes.), which, naturally, prompted her desire for the book. Which we don't own. Anyway, the Ithaca library was having its big book sale (it was the last weekend of it, in fact) so I grabbed a copy of:

John Munschauer - World War II Cavalcade

This is an autobiographical presentation of Munschauer's experiences in the Pacific theater during WWII. I grabbed it for research, but it looks readable.

We also got a whole stack of old Peanuts books (the old ones, where Charlie Brown is hapless, and the Peanuts gang actually does things that kids do, like play aliens and earth folk. You can see how the earlier Peanuts influenced Calvin and Hobbes, especially in the winter sketches.) and some cookbooks. So, not bad, I think.

Next week, the library is closed on Monday, so Library Day will be Tuesday. I will be picking up trashy books, because the week after I'm headed to Kansas City, MO to do research - so you can expect some sort of a post on that, if I have internet access. Fingers crossed!