Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday The Hickey of the Beast Post, 5/25/2011

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Chapter 11

And cue the rising action...

The bulk of this chapter was a description of Connie's big soccer game. It's difficult to describe sporting events - witness the lengthy (an occasionally superfluous) Quidditch chapters in Harry Potter - and I'm afraid this chapter drags a little. But, only a little - the description is lovely, and mostly focused on the players, not on the game - not a lot of description of how the ball is passed, or anything like that. Izzy does a good job of using the soccer game to build secondary characters (in the locker room, on the field), and to present further expansion of Connie's character (she's competitive, and she really loves playing soccer - when on the field she loses track of everything else)  and moves fairly quickly through the (necessary) description of the game to the plotty meat of the chapter - Connie sprains her ankle and ends up in the infirmary, where she sees a girl she thinks she knows a little.

In the last chapter, Connie had a dream featuring this girl she thought maybe she knew, but not well - in other words, not someone that she consciously subconsciously had any ill will for. The working theory behind Connie's dreams (as presented by her friends) is that her dreaming mind is a) allowing her to work out her ill will for others and b) she is subconsciously picking up on early symptoms for flu. This chapter seems to disprove that, which means she'll need a new working theory, which will slowly build towards what is actually happening, which will almost certainly generate a huge burst of climactic action towards the end of the book.