Friday, May 6, 2011

More on the HarperCollin's e-book thing

Here's an article from, here is another - a number of libraries and library systems have decided to boycott HarperCollins until they change their policy on e-books (26 views, then the library must purchase a whole new copy of the book). I'll be looking into this at my local library, which has just started offering e-book borrowing.

Here's some thoughts on the whole matter by Kate Sheehan (who's blog will be linked in my blog roll on the left) (eta - for some reason, I cannot add this blog to my roll, and so I have not).

Here is another well written post by another librarian (Sarah Houghton-Jan) proving once again that messing with deeply intelligent, well informed, highly verbal people (like authors and librarians) is a bad idea in the internet age. (Not that it was a great idea in the pre-internet age - deeply intelligent, well informed, and highly verbal people have always been good at making their ire known.) Here's another, which provides further details about this issue. Needless to say, Sarah's blog will be added to the blog roll, which is, as always, too the left.

Here is a lovely, and very short, explanation of the issue.

Here is a nice page to help you all keep track of the ongoing situation.