Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hickey of the Beast Wednesday, 6/15/2011

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Chapter 14

So, after the last chapter, Connie now sees red lines everywhere, connecting everything. I'm sure that will all be explained before the book ends.

Two big important things happen in this chapter. First, Tony asks Connie to the Red and White, the big winter dance. "Psychic stuff is beyond amazing, sure—even I think so now—but boys are fun, too." Second, we get a fine piece of foreshadowing - Connie notices Jenny talking to Edward Tinsley (who, we've been told, is hawt with a capital haw). Jenny says, at the end of the chapter, "'Well, I wouldn't read a lot into it,' said Jenny, as we passed out the doors and into the cold night. 'I mean, I'd like to, for sure, but I don't think I've got anything he wants.'" Only your immortal soul, Jenny. Only that. Have I mentioned that I think that Edward is probably the big bad here? Cuz I do. 

Other than that, not a lot happens in this chapter. Last chapter was build-up, this one contributes to the whole rising action that we should see here. We're almost half way through the book, and the pacing is spot on thus far. I think we've met all of the important characters (although I suppose it's possible that there's a shadowy antagonist lurking in the background somewhere), the plot has taken root, solidly - this is a well written book! Well, so far - I suppose it's possible that it will all fall apart in the second half.

Tangential: One of the things I looked at last week was microfilm of newspapers from Kansas City. I noticed that they ran serials daily - they alternated between something romance-y "Should Doctors Marry?" and something adventure-y - something cowboy; I don't really remember (that wasn't really what I was looking for). Each story ran about a week and a half, with multiple chapters per day. I wonder if circulation would improve if newspapers tried something like that again? Probably not.