Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hickey of the Beast Post, 7/6/2011

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Chapter Seventeen

This is a momentous chapter, in which we meet the Big Bad. And he is a vampire. Sort of. I don't think that's a huge revelation - we know that Connie wrote a report on vampires, we know that there are hickeys involved (it IS in the title); hickeys = neck sucking = vampire. But this is a creepy ass vampire - we are NOT going to have a vampire romance, I don't think. So that's a nice change of pace. Indeed, this is not a traditional vampire at all - I'm not sure yet if this some non-western vampire variety, or if it's something that Izzy has cobbled together - either way, kudos. Let's hear it for non-traditional blood suckers, right? Anyway, if you needed another reason to buy this book, there you go!

I am relieved, a little, that the plot did not revolve around Connie mentally (and subconsciously) siccing supernatural doom on people who dared show affection for someone she liked - that would have been interesting, but it would have made Connie a much less likable character.

Oh, and as I predicted, Jenny goes kinda ballistic when she finds out that Connie and Autumn have been having conversations without her...

Tangent - I'm a little sad that the copy of the chapter that arrives in my e-mail inbox does not have the snazzy font that e-book has - check out the title page in the free sample here - a beautiful use of font to indicate whimsy and menace all at once, and entirely perfect for the book. What I get in my inbox is Georgia for the chapter number and Comic Sans for the first line of the chapter - less cool.