Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Library Tuesday, 07/05/2011

First up, a reminder that the contest for the copy of Zombies vs. Unicorns ends at the end of this month.

The library was not open yesterday, as it was, of course, July 4th, and I currently live in the United States, where July 4th is a holiday. So we went today.

Two books today.

Neve Maslakovic - Regarding Ducks and Universes

Back in the '80s, a scientist did something which created an entirely separate universe, but in such a way that allows cross-universal travel. 35 years later, both sides of the divide have codified a series of laws governing such travel, largely to do with not messing around with the alternate universe, especially the life of any possible alternate versions of yourself. Felix Sayer, a struggling mystery novelist in San Francisco A, has recently discovered that he has an alternate version in San Francisco B, who might have already written the mystery novel that Felix A is struggling to write - and so, naturally, Felix A sets out to mess with Felix B. It looks like a delightfully complicated mix of alternate universes, near future sci-fi, and mystery novels. It's possible that it's too ambitious a concept - we shall see.

Hilari Bell - Trickster's Girl

This is the first book in The Raven Duet. I like Hilari Bell, I like tricksters (especially Raven and Coyote), and I mostly grabbed the book on that grounds. It seems to be a near future hi-tech setting with a boy who claims to be Raven, and claims to be attempting to bring magic back into the world to save us from ourselves. So, that could be good.

This evening, we attended the weekly summer library program. The summer reading program started this week, too - so we have all manner of sign up sheets and stuff to do in order to earn a free book and a ticket to see the Binghamton Mets - the NY Mets farm team. We do this every summer; often it's the only ball game we see all summer (because the B-Mets are, frankly, not that good). Your local library probably has something like this too - not with tickets to the B-Mets, because that would be odd - and you should totally check it out. We have a story teller coming in, and Irish dancers, and a juggler/pogo-stick performer - all manner of summer madness. And, sure, it's billed for the kids, but a good performer knows to play to the whole audience, so it's often a lot of fun even if you don't have kids to bring with you. Get out there, show support for your local library!