Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hickey of the Beast Wdnesday, 7/20/2011


Chapter 19

You know, Buffy has it kinda easy, in that Giles is there to tell her how to deal with monsters (except when he's not, because that's the complication de jour). Connie is trying hard to piece together what to do with her new found ability, which isn't all that useful, it turns out.

I could've been talking to fairies, dammit. Or turning into a magic warrior in a sailor uniform and saving the world with crystal tiaras. Instead, I got gray men and red lines. If this stuff did run in my family, there were a whole bunch of people who weren't getting Christmas cards ever again.

It's clear that silver has a negative effect upon the incubus, and it's clear that Connie can see the incubus feeding while she's asleep - but if she's not sleeping in the same room as the feedee, how can she stop the incubus? What follows, in the chapter, is somewhat awkward from Connie's point of view - delightful to see a heroine not immediately on top of her game! Plus, I like that Izzy has considered the real world aspects of her character's lives - how will a school react to sudden "illness"? How will the students react to the sudden emotional and spiritual stress that an incubus will place on them (especially since they don't know it's an incubus!) Good stuff - can't wait to see where this goes!