Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hickey of the Beast Wednesday, on a Thursday, 7/28/2011

Sorry, yesterday evening got swallowed by a viewing of Watchmen, which Netflix delivered and we were able to watch because the big kid is out of town. So we did.


Chapter 20

We're into the home stretch here - the last 10 chapters of the book. Time for some solutions. The girls gather to ponder motives. Surely, they figure, an incubus, acting alone, wouldn't care what happened to his victims? What if someone else were using the incubus to get something - money, power, a boost on their grades (this is a prep school)? The solution seems to come down to the Thanksgiving break - 1) that will mean that, if the summoner is a student, the attacks should stop and 2) it will allow Connie, hopefully, to get at a book in the library in the "Restricted" area; something on the occult that the school's founder had in his personal collection, and that the school admin doesn't want to admit they still have.