Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Hickey of the Beast Post

(link of DESTINY)

Chapter 27

Connie and the Scoobies discuss their options. Jenny opines:

"At least we can be pretty sure Edward's the one doing it—unless there's another reason a guy might save someone's bloody Kleenex. And if there is, I don't want to know about it. If you're that gross, you deserve to have people think you summon demons."
and it is agreed that someone will have to follow Edward the next time he sneaks out, around 1. It is assumed that he's going to the gardens for a little incubus summoning. It is agreed, reluctantly, that Connie should go, and that she needs to go alone. She doesn't even have one of these:

I think there's still plenty of time for the whole Edward thing to be a red herring - perhaps he's sneaking out at 1 to watch whoever it is who is summoning the incubus - but we shall see.

I note that Candlemark and Gleam (who are publishing Hickey) have an exciting new product coming soon - a re-envisioning of Alice in Wonderland. Four re-envisionings, really.