Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nano Update

8123 words. I begin to doubt that I will get to 50,000 words, and I'm mostly ok with that. I'm a busy guy; I'm also writing dissertation stuff (yes, Lora, I totally am!), teaching, and doing full time Dadding and such. As one of my writing buddies says that every word that is written towards the 50,000 is one more than I had before, and that's all good. I'm not even sure that the story will take 50,000 words to tell.

I've just introduced a new character, and discovered that she has an unusual way of talking - mile a minute, totally scattershot, shifting from one topic to another, for paragraph on end. That makes her quite fun to write, but means I'm going to have trouble keeping all of the other characters from adopting her patterns. Also, she claims to be from Texas. And I don't know ANYTHING about Texas. That's not true. I know a great deal about Texas - I know how it joined the Union, and I know where it stood during the Civil War, and I know it's the second biggest state in the Union, and I know lots of stuff. But not much about what it's like to live in Texas, or to be from Texas.  So that's interesting.