Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Library Post, 11/15/2011

Three books this week:

Isabel Cooper - No Proper Lady

This is the same author as Hickey of the Beast,and I've been wanting to read it since I knew it existed, because I know Izzy (sorta). Plus, the back matter thumbnail description: "It's Terminator meets My Fair Lady in this fascinating debut of black magic and brilliant ball gowns, martial arts, and mysticism." How can I resist? How can YOU resist? Since this will have to go back to the library in 3 weeks (give or take) I won't be reading it serially.

Kevin Mitnick - Ghost in the Wires

Mitnick is, apparently, a big deal in hacker circles. He's known for hacking into computer systems and then evading capture for a long time. Now, he does the same thing, but to test the security of systems. It's Sneakers meets Catch Me if you Can. I love a good caper story (as I'm sure you all know!) so I had to grab this one.

Tom Prerrotta - The Leftovers

I've been, for several years now, following Fred Clark's deconstruction of the Left Behind series (currently hosted here) - what Clark describes as the worst books in the world. Perrotta attempts to look at the same material - what the world would look like after the Rapture (or something that looks like the Rapture) - but from a realistic, rather than a propegandistic point of view. So - lots of people just vanish, Perrotta writes about the folks who didn't, and how they adapt.