Monday, November 28, 2011

Signal Boost: Magick for Terri Windling

Terri Windling edits some of my favorite stuff - the re-imagining of fairy tales series, and the Borderlands series in particular.

From the site:

Terri Windling and her family have been coping with health and legal issues that have drained her financial resources at a critical time. Due to the serious nature of these issues, and privacy concerns for individual family members, we can't be more specific than that, but Terri is in need of our support. As a friend, a colleague and an inspiration, Terri has touched many, many lives over the years. She has been supremely generous in donating her own work and art to support friends and colleagues in crisis. Now, Terri is in need of some serious help from her community. Who better than her colleagues and fans to rise up to make some magick for her?

Terri, of course, has some fabulous friends, many of whom are artists and authors, many of whom are famous in their own right. What they're doing is offering some really cool stuff for auction - some really good original artwork, signed books, Cory Doctorow is auctioning a named character in his next book (Homeland - a sequel to Little Brother), with the proceeds going to Terri. I don't have anything to offer myself (and I'm not nearly close enough to Terri to offer anything even if I did) but I can boost the signal, and so I am: