Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Library Post, 11/22/2011

We are driving to Virginia for Thanksgiving this year. Since my laptop is still unable to connect to the internet (although it functions on a very basic level, allowing word processing, for instance) I cannot guarantee that I will be able to post on Friday (although we're staying with my in laws, and they have access to the internet, so it's possible) Also, I'm not sure how much I'll have been able to read by then anyway, since, you know, driving, and then eating my weight in turkey. This is just a heads up if you don't see anything on Friday.

Sorta two books this week. 

James Benn - A Mortal Terror

Benn has been writing a series of historical murder mysteries set during the Second World War. Billy Boyle is the distant nephew of General Eisenhower, and has been given a position on Eisenhower's staff which allows Boyle to poke his nose into things and clear up messes that Eisenhower cannot deal with himself - often, murder. This book is set just prior to the Anzio landings in Italy. Someone is bumping off top officers in the US Army - Boyle's first serial killer? He's sent to deal with it.

The other book - I had to return Eona unread, because it was due back. But I grabbed the audio book copy of it, to listen to on my drive home - I've been tasked with transporting a spare car from Virginia to New York, so I'll have time to listen to a book (probably). So that's the second book.