Sunday, November 20, 2011

Welcome Holiday Wish folks!

Last year, when I posted the blog in my Holiday Wishes post, I had not discovered the joy (and agony) of my stats, and so I have no idea what the reaction was. Well, except I know I got at least two readers who comment occasionally. This year, however, I know that, since posting my wish list earlier this afternoon, I am already experiencing a tsunami of visitors - and I would be a bad host if I didn't welcome them, now wouldn't I?

So, welcome! I'm glad you've stopped in! Please, enjoy a virtual plate of brownies (I almost said cookies - but those are something different on the internet, aren't they?)

On the internet, brownies have no calories or allergens
I suggest that, if you are interested in a decent taste of the blog, you take a look at the Honey Month posts (they're tagged - the tag cloud is a ways down on the left) and, possibly, the Hickey of the Beast posts (also tagged) - both offer a coherent thread that is reasonably easy to follow (I think).

Other thoughts. The post recommendations that pop up at the bottom of my posts are ... odd. I think my style of writing doesn't work well with that sort of thing. I will warn you that I'm not as regular a poster as I sometimes hope to be, but you are generally safe in expecting at least two posts a week. Comments posted via the RSS feed frequently don't show up on the main site (although I see them in my e-mail), and, thus far, I have been too lazy/busy to do anything about that. I would love it if people were to suggest books for me to look at. I'm also gearing up for February Theme Month again, and would love suggestions about that as well.