Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Books of Christmas Series, the ultimate Book

OK. Yesterday was January 4 - the feast day of Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first US born saint. Seton started the first Catholic school in the US, and is popularly regarded as the patron saint of Catholic schools, although not officially. (I don't know how one becomes an official patron saint - presumably by performing a miracle within the environs of the place, right?) Anyway, that's why so many Catholic schools are called Seton.

Yesterday's book:

William C. Dietz - At Empire's Edge

Scifi Mil-fic - bioengineered cops chase shape-shifting robbers at the behest of the Uman Empire. I'm tossing it in with my trashy books. Classic cover art, though:

Can't go wrong with a guy two blasters falling off a thing into space...

It's apparently the first of a pair of books - Bones of Empire is the second book, and it is published and available. Which is nice.

Today is January 5, which is the 12th day of Christmas. That means that tonight is 12th Night. 12th Night is a feast of mis-rule - the lord turns over his power to the peasants, the low become high and the high become low and etc etc. It's lots of fun. I don't have a book for 12th Night, because there isn't one. Yet. Perhaps, for 12th Night, I should not get a book. I should get the opposite of a book - a DVD, or a video game or something. Perhaps I should be required to buy a book for myself. In fact, I was going to do that, but Barnes and Noble didn't have the book I was looking for in a format that fit what I've already got (I want the most recent Steven Brust - Iorich, which B&N had in trade paperback, but not mass market. The rest of my Brust are in mass market paperback [MM is smaller than trade] and I'd rather not mix my formats if I don't have to.) We shall see!

Tomorrow's Friday post from Virginia.