Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Library Post, 1/3/2012

Ooo, first library post of 2012!

One book this week, sorta:

Thomas Mullen - The Revisionists

A time traveler from the distant future travels back in past to ensure that all of the disasters happen as they are supposed to in order that his future arrives as intended. He has just arrived circa now, to ensure that the worst disaster to happen to us happens as planned. It is a science fiction infused political drama.

Also, I am leaving on Thursday evening for a research trip (research is next week - this weekend is a post-Christmas visit with the in-laws. Who we saw at Thanksgiving.). Long time followers will know what that means - trashy books! Here's a photo:

Yes, there are two romancy books - one clearly paranormal (werewolves and such) one possibly not (photographer investigates something potentially weird, but definitely sexy - that would the Colleen Thompson - Triple Exposure), one popular mystery novel (I noticed that One for the Money had recently been released as a film, so I thought I'd grab that - haven't read any Evanovich, as far as I'm aware), one Rogue Angel (which series defines trashy, as far as I'm concerned) and something odd - martial arts meets police procedural. Plus the Simon Green and the steampunk anthology from the 12 books. Plus I'll be taking the Jill Lepore, because I may well have a bus trip home at the end of the process.

I took advantage of Black Friday to pick up a new laptop, so there will be a post next Friday as usual. And this Friday, as well.