Friday, January 20, 2012

Not a Friday Review Post, 1/20/2012

So, I said there would be a review post today. I lied. Sorry. Stuff happened - we went to look at a place to rent (there's a story. It's long. It has nothing to do with books, except the possibility that we might need to get rid of some in order to move, and yeah.) and then we had dinner out (and it was yummy) and then we came home and talked about moving, and getting rid of books, or possibly getting rid of other stuff that isn't books - do we really NEED two kids? (youngest turned one yesterday, incidentally, for those keeping score) - and, anyway, it's late now, and I don't feel like writing about the two books I have finished this week. Which were:

John Donahue - Deshi

which was excellent, and I'll tell you about it tomorrow


Thomas Mullen - The Revisionists

which was both excellent and really twisty in a mind fuckery sort of way. And I'll tell you about it tomorrow.