Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Honey Month, Day 2 (2/2/2011)

I'll post links to Amal's re-posts as the re-posts become available.

eta: link added

"Day 2 - Peach Creamed Honey

Colour: Pale and cloudy, like lemonade

Smell: Rather unpleasant; sweaty underthings, but with a hint of lemon beyond it.

Taste: Oh, so delicious. Sweet, syrup-sweet, thick and sugary. I have to think of peaches to discern a peachy flavour; it comes out at the back of my mouth, the top of my throat. It's a mischievous honey, sexy and wry."

A poem today, partially blank verse, partially rhymed. It toys around the edges of a sonnet, but is not a sonnet. It is a poem of seduction, and it's steamy, full of double entendre and, indeed, single entendre. Peaches are sexy (because soft, moist, juicy, and sticky things are strongly evocative of sex), and it's hard, I think, to write a poem about peaches without it becoming a poem about sex. Amal doesn't even try to avoid it - as she says of the honey, this poem is "sexy and wry."