Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Honey Month, Day 5 (12/5/2011)

eta: link now up.

"Day 5 - Cranberry Creamed Honey

Colour: Dark amber, cognac. Funny to me how I have such boozy associations, but they are apt.

Smell: There's a sharpness, a resinousness to this. It's also very liquidy.

Taste: A definite cranberry tartness, but the honey taste dominates; the tartness limns it, darts around its edges, makes it one of the more refreshing honeys I've tried. I think of pine, strangely, redwood; tasting it is like walking a forest path."

The story today is complete in itself, and a little odd, and also a little sad. On the surface, it's about a guy who dyes himself red and the bees that try to get pollen from him. Deeper, though, I think it's really about love, and trying to be what our lover wants us to be, and not being able to really do that, because our dreams are not their dreams. It's poignant, and a little tart - not unlike cranberries, I guess.