Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Honey Month, Day 4 ( 2/4/2011, posted 2/5/2011)

Due to my lateness, the link to Amal's original is already available!

"Day 4 - Raspberry Rose Honey

Colour:  If yesterday was a Riesling, today is a Sauvignon Blanc. It's just-turned-dawn coloured, pale and clear with less yellow than a hint of gold to come. The consistency is also much thinner than any of the previous honeys; this is much more liquid, not a hint of cloud to it.

Smell: Very nearly odourless, but my first impression was of heat, of a roasted sweet, but then on second thought, no. Very faint hint of the unpleasant thick scent of the peach creamed honey, but that yielded such deliciousness, I'm delighted.

Taste: There's a hint of apple to this, but the rose! I taste rose petals, I taste scent. The raspberries are hidden - there's a faint bit of tartness to the aftertaste, and that's where they come out, but in the main it's golden apple-light and pink roses gilding themselves in dawn. This is so beautiful, subtle and balanced and entwined with itself."

The fiction today is truly just a scrap, something that clearly cries out to be part of something much bigger. It's a short dream sequence, with a poem, and the beginnings of a quest. I want to make it be part of the story from Day 1, but it refuses - either there's no way to connect them, or the bits that are needed for the connection are simply not yet present.